Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mowing on Hills

My Kubota. There are a lot of hills in Vinton County. So much so that I found myself looking at acquiring a new tractor to accomplish the mowing. I haven’t looked at a new tractor in twenty years, there is a lot of choices out there. Searching with Google I found a Grillo, an Italian Tractor that resembled an ATV with a belly mower. Then a Ventrac and Steiner. The Ventrac was owned by the Steiner family which I found odd, both machines were very similar, there’s a story there somewhere. I found a hillmaster, a slopemaster, some machines that tilted to keep the rider upright while the machine was cutting on the slope. A Zero Turn that mowed hills in reverse, how cool is that? Well to shorten this story a bit I ended up with comparing the John Deere 2305 with the Kubota 2660. Both machines reasonably priced and sized right for my property and both looked low enough to the ground, with good low center of gravity and 4 wheel drive, to do the job.

The Deere was a little bit wider in stance and mower deck, which is good for side hills and the Kubota had a little more horsepower and cheaper, which is good for my wallet and going up the hills.

I purchased the Kubota, a BX2660, from Allpower Equipment in Athens, Ohio. The first time I drove the tractor I wasn’t impressed, but after I learned and mowed grass the first time, all I could say was wow! It was one impressive machine.

Now I’m looking for a tiller and a brush hog to mount to the the rear PTO. As far as mowing on the hills goes, it works great and the cut looks as if I own a golf course now instead of a field.

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