Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Grandma's Sauce

When I was a boy, many moons ago, we visited my grandmother on my father's side of the family frequently. They had a large three-story house in Ozone Park, New York. I lived in the Bronx, so this was like a trip to the country for me. Grass, trees, lightning bugs at night, stars, air and everything. All my relatives from that side of the family were there, holiday or not. It was one of my favorite things to do then and fabulous memories now. It was great.

My Grandma made the best spaghetti sauce. In my Mom's house we called it gravy. My Mom spent many years perfecting her skill to match that of my grandma's. Anyway back to Grandma Rose. The women, Grandma Rose, Aunt Bobbi, Aunt Gertie, and my Mom would spend all day preparing the meal, actually more like a feast.

We would then all gather around the table, kids at their own table, sans wine. And we'd eat for hours. I always volunteered to clean the table, I got to finish off the half empty wine glasses, that way. It was great, it really was.

My Mom carried out the tradition and made great gravy, with meatballs that were out of this world. I wasn't permitted in the kitchen. But I watched and observed from a distance.

Once I got out on my own I was determined to replicate the family recipe. It took years of constant practice and adjustments. And then I nailed it. It was like I was king of the world. I could do anything now, I had real power. Power I could taste.

Cooking is a lifelong experience though, once your proud yourself and maybe a little over confident, your goose is cooked, metaphorically speaking. So I wanted to push the envelope. To make it even better. What could I do?

About twenty years ago me and my family moved to Ohio. Moved to the boonies, the Appalachian part of Ohio, where we bought some land and learned to grow our own food. My spaghetti sauce (gravy), today is much better than any sauce I ever tasted anywhere. Today when I make sauce it's from produce yanked from the ground, in some cases minutes from meal preparation. We grow everything necessary for the sauce.

How good is it? It just keeps getting better every year. The garlic we grew this year was like no other, plenty of flavor, nice bite, the basil was terrific. It seems there is always something that can be done to make the sauce better.

OK now to the strong finish. Web design is like cooking, there is always something that can be done to make a site better. The recipe for success on the Internet is simple. Add an ample amount of high quality traffic, stir in eye popping graphic imagery that shows your business correctly, and simmer by making it easy for your client to buy. And the most important part, work your business. Work it to the bone by striving to be the best. Be solution oriented and get better every year.

That's how I run my business, if you need some Internet Web work, or a good gravy recipe give me a call. 740-596-4398.