Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 - Another New Beginning

Every year starts for me with promise. New adventures, new clients, new places to visit, new food dishes to prepare and explore, and new designs to create. This year we go for a few WordPress designs, exploit CSS3 and HTML5 in the custom Dreamweaver designs, and the latest gadgets in the form of jquery javascript suites in both.

Last year was a good year, had a lot of new designs go live, like the Vinton County Chamber of Commerce, A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast, Zip the Wilds, Burlington's Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast, and Clay Bryn Castle (Hocking Hills Lodge) being amongst my favorites.

I also launched a few test sites to test marketing ideas such as Hocking Hills Discounts, Top Choice BnB, and 7SOS which hopefully will present fruitful marketing and SEO advantages into my clients sites. So far testing has been very promising.

I also redesigned my main Web site although I still have more to do this year. So what's new, besides the new design engines? Glad you asked! Blog feeds, more social media, GYRO's, New Orleans, Apalachicola, Franklin County Indiana, Grubb Landscaping, Inn at Woodhaven, just to name a few things.

OK did I say Gyro, well yes, I found a source of gyro meat right HERE. It is shipped from a warehouse slightly south of Milwaukee WI, so it takes 2 days, FedEx. It's shipped with dry ice and arrives frozen to your doorstep, in the winter. You then have to bake it for a few hours. Then partition it and then freeze it. It arrives in a 5 pound loaf. You can buy the larger cones, but I don't have a machine. So I just slice up the precooked meat, mix in some onions, garlic, rosemary, and some Greek Seasoning, Cavendish brand works well, add to fresh pita bread with a cucumber yogurt sauce and your in Greek Heaven.

So there is a lot to look forward to in 2012. Hopefully the Indians and Browns improve, maybe a little CSS3 will help them too!