Thursday, June 28, 2012

Technology the Waiting Game

Technology waits for no one. The good thing about being in a technology business is the game changes, seemingly from moment to moment. You're never bored.

Last night while watching baseball on the tube I realized that baseball has been the same game for over a hundred years. The craft is taught and handed down through generations, sometimes from father to son. It must be great to make a profession out of a game that stays the same from year to year. Honing your craft is fine tuned and the separation from player to player is thin, so thin that luck, funny bounces, geographic location, weather, and human error are all part of the game. ...and they keep statistics to track it all. Batting averages during away day games with two out and men in scoring position. They track that!

Not so in Web design. New standards, software, hardware, and constant training come into play. Investments in equipment, subscriptions, peer reviews, e-learning all are necessary to succeed.

That's why this month I'm testing blog feeds, AGAIN. I tested it and provided this service for many years. But as I was saying nothing stays the same and Google once again changed, so here I am, generating this garbled verbiage to test it's effectiveness.

I want my clients to be effective in their marketing, and if there is a tool, especially if it's free, (how cool is that), I want to make it available to them. So I guess this wraps up this rant... and if you want your blog headlines fed automatically to your Web site, give me a call or visit my site F-Webs


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