Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unidentified Flying? Object

I am a Web designer so I always have my camera with me. So one day, while outside my home on Lake Logan, I heard an unfamiliar sound, I reached for my camera. I didn't see anything but I took some shots anyway, I thought it was a hummingbird moving fast. It made the same kind of sound, sort of a low buzzing, air whooshing, big bug flapping wings frenetically kind of sound.

I never gave it another thought, till I downloaded the images from the camera. I never sort my images, I just downloaded them and put them in folders, sometimes I even label the folders, mostly though they're just dated. Anyway to make a short story even longer, finally I did look at the images, by accident or serendipity as I was looking for something else, turkeys actually. One day I stumbled on a flock of wild turkeys, we bumped into each other, we both jumped, they ran and pooped their way into treetops, I wanted to do the same, but didn't, just took some photos. I thought a turkey or two would be nice imagery for the Vinton County Wild Turkey Festival, on the county Web site.

Much to my surprise I saw this image! Wow what was that? Then I remembered the whooshy sound and the few random shots of I took. I took several shots, maybe seven, in a circle trying to capture an unseen hummingbird. Well I'm not saying it's a UFO, I have no idea what it is, but it's not a hummingbird, I can tell you that. I must have been standing at maximum one to two feet from it, I never saw it, I heard it, and I captured it with my camera. At the time I had on me my little point and shoot automatic camera, I wish I had the "Big Boy", but even though, looking at the original image, you can make out reflections of the trees, the sun, clouds and sky. It was there alright. I've been a little hesitant to share this with anyone, after all I am a graphic artist. Someone may think I manufactured this image. I wish my skill was this refined.

I just came across the image again, while looking for something else, so I thought I would post it.

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